SPECIFICATIONS:                              MADE FOR INDIA

Arch Size

Strap Width

Strapping Speed

Tension Strength

Minimum Package Size

Power Supply

Net Weight

Sealing Method

Power Consumption

W-850 x H-600 mm 9,12,15 mm

27 Strap/minute

0 – 90 kgs Max Over 100 x 50 mm

AC 380/440 V, (50/60 Hz) 3 Phase 250 kgs

Heat Sealing

850 W

Dimensions: L-1440 x W-640 x H-1517 mm

BP860C Automatic Strapping Machine is suitable for general objects. This machine is equipped with rollers to ensure strapping can be achieved with less force. Automatic strapping machine can be used in production line of which objects differ in size and irregular in shape, and it can achieve unmanned strapping together with power conveyor. Power belt tabletop and access transmission mechanism are adopted, with easy maintenance.


  • Easy operation, simple maintenance
  • Mechanical outside tension control.
  • Tension can be easily set with a dial
  • World best selling machine


  • Automatic strapping machine is widely used to strap various packages (except annulations) in all kinds of fields. It can be single-unit operation or equipped onto the production line.