Standard Core Sizes 406 ID x 150 L, 203 ID x 165 L x 800 gram
Packing 1 roll in one paper sheet/ carton
Standard Color Green
Strap Weight or Meter Variation within +/- 5%
Available Color White, Natural, Blue, Transparent

Features of Polyester (PET) Strap:

  • Economy: Density of PET is 1/6th of Steel (approx. 6 Mtrs PET Strap of given size is equal to weight of 1 meter steel strap). Considering meter age PET is cheaper than steel strap
  • Strength: Excellent tensile strength & welding strength ensure safety of heavy packages at extreme handling. Storing conditions.
  • Shock Resistance: Maintains tensile strength for a long stretch of time with minimum strap slacking, while holing the package. Proper tension can be maintained without any risk to package or product.
  • Corrosion Free: Being a rust free and chemical resistant material, it does not react or stain the package, product or place of storage
  • Convenience: its flexibility makes sealing and removing operations easier and convenient.
  • Safety: No fear of injuries during sealing , removing , storage & handling because it has no sharp edges.
  • Weather Resistance: It can be stored for a longer time even in adverse temperature (between -50 to 80 degree centigrade) & moist conditions.

Use Type:

  • Suitable for high production
  • Pneumatic Manual Tools
  • Battery Operated Manual Tools
  • Manual Sealer & Tensor