SPECIFICATIONS:                         MADE FOR INDIA

Brand Bright Pack
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Dimensions 910 x 580 x 750 mm
Strapping Speed 1.5 Sec/Strap
Sealing Method Heat Sealing
Color Blue
Tension Strength 5 – 50 kgs Max
Model BP201SS (Standard Model)
Strap Width 5 – 15 mm


  • Standard model-suitable for continuous application area like Airports, Tiles, Meat processing units, Newspaper unit’s etc.
  • Stable quality, durable material, and easy maintenance. Special design-Control PP straps cooling time. It can make the PP strap to fasten well in any time.
  • “Electricity-saving” device, the motor automatically stops running after 60 seconds pause to reduce the regular mechanical wear and to prolong the machine’s life.
  • The advanced P.C.B microchip circuit board control system, less malfunction and easy maintenance. Durable electro-magnetic clutch transmission means lesser mechanical wear and noise pollution. New heater plate design improves warm-up-time, welding speed and increase work efficiency.