Control System PLC
Film Carriage Pre-Stretch Type
Model BP2000SW
Turntable Diameter D-1650 / H-85 mm
Turntable Loading 2000 max kg
Electrical Requirement 220 / 50 V/Hz
Power Turntable:0.75 kW Film, Carriage:0.4 kW, Steel Tower:0.37 kW
Top Plate Device Pneumatic Direct Transmit, Orbit Top Plate
Weight 800 kg
Machine Dimension L Type-2745 x 1650 x 2700 /H Type-2745 x 1650 x 3300 mm
Max Wrapping Size (500 -1200) x ( 500 -1200) (LXWXH) Max mm
Wrapping Efficiency 20 – 40 loads/hour
Turntable Speed 3-12 rpm

BP2100pw, Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine are designed to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported & storage to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged. The wrapping type and times can be designed according to customers’ requirements. The ramp is optional.

Control system:

  • PLC
  • Photo-eye pallet height sensor
  • Reinforce wrap allow more wrap on same location
  • Over-wrap provide more wrap over the top of loads
  • Powered pre-stretch film carriage up to 300%
  • Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor & Separate inverter

Turntable & Film carriage:

  • Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety
  • Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film
  • Film dancer-bar control film output
  • Safety stop to avoid foot crush
  • Hinged mast for easy handling
  • Front & rear Forklift transportable